Divorce 101: The Proverbial Toaster (by Olaf Hansen of Magnuson Lowell, P.S.)

Whether you were married for 2 hours or 20 years, the law requires you to literally go to court so you can officially "break up" with your significant other. Unfortunately, the divorce process is not as simple as just ending a relationship. All divorce cases will require a division of property and debt between the parties

DivorceDivorce lawyers will focus on dividing retirements, bank accounts, who will take the home … property that has significant value. Most times the parties themselves will divide the household items without the attorney's involvement. Of course, there were times when the lawyers are needed. That's when the proverbial toaster comes into play.

ToasterThe proverbial toaster could be a TV, the dining room table and yes, even the toaster. It is a household item that the parties are sparring over that at $250/hour in attorney fees, makes no sense financially or logically or emotionally. The divorce process is difficult enough as it is. Fighting over a household item does not create a victory, just more money for the lawyers. Forget the proverbial toaster and just get a new one. And use the money saved in attorney fees on something more enjoyable after the divorce like a trip to a tropical island.