Mediation has been utilized since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans and was particularly prevalent in societies of Confucians and Buddhists. These historic civilizations obviously knew what they were doing because mediation remains one of the top alternative dispute resolution techniques even today.

Mediation involves the services of a skilled, third-party neutral who will help both parties communicate with each other in a direct and efficient manner – with the ultimate goal of facilitating settlement between the parties. Unlike trial or arbitration, mediation is never in front of an ultimate decider of fact and law. The mediator, unlike a judge or arbitrator is merely available to both sides to bridge the gap between the parties; moreover, to help the sides understand the other party's view on the issues at hand.

Most important, mediation is effective at saving both time and money because it is available much earlier and doesn't require the major expenses of full blown arbitration or trial. Mediation is useful in many areas of law, including: family law, workplace disputes, commercial and tenancy law, contract law, as well as personal injury cases. Here at Magnuson Lowell, we understand that time is money, and we know the best route to take to help you settle your claim in an efficient manner.

Just recently, one of our own, Rick Lowell, was asked to become a part of a brand new and innovative mediation group named Practical ADR. Practical ADR prides itself on offering uniquely qualified neutral mediators – like Rick – who take the hassle (and extra fees) out of scheduling a mediation. Check out the new website at