Parenting Plan/Custody - Fireworks

Whether you are joining the masses at a downtown Park in Seattle, Bellevue or with your family in front of your house; the 4th of July fireworks usually last around 15 minutes. The courtroom has its own display of fireworks on the 3rd of July. And they can Fireworkslast several years. Divorce is a difficult and emotional process for people. Add children and your stress level increases when trying to figure out a parenting plan and custody arrangements. Add a holiday dispute and poof! You have fireworks in a courtroom. I have seen on the family law motion calendar arguments of excess drinking, poor decision making, and irresponsible supervision of the children …. all for the right to have the children on the 4th of July.

However, usually it is a battle between parents for this 4th of July, forgetting the fireworks it created. My experience tells me that these fireworks do last for several years. Because the calendar tells me there are several holidays in a year and a parent that will remember what happened in that courtroom. I understand that each divorce is unique and may require a special ruling for a special occasion. My advice is to treat this holiday like a firework. Use caution and make sure everyone is safe before lighting the fuse. It just might not be worth seeing it.