Small Accident – Major Pain

The moral of the story is in the title: even a small accident can cause major pains. Whiplash is a common term known to any driver, but few people actually realize what it is. A low speed impact may not cause any damage to vehicles involved because the cars are designed to absorb much of the energy. A human body is not built to absorb energy. A whiplash injury occurs when the force of a collision causes the neck to flex forward and hyperextend in the opposite direction quickly.

Small Accident - Major PainWhile there are no overt signs of injury, the soft tissue in the driver's neck and upper back may have been overstretched and damaged. In turn, despite little or no damage to the car, the occupant may experience significant neck and upper back pain or even complaints of headaches. Visits to a chiropractor, massage therapist, or physical therapist can help aid in recovery of these muscles.

Small Accident - Major PainThe problem with low impact collisions and whiplash injuries is that insurance companies prefer to see either major vehicle damage or physical signs of injury. With symptoms of whiplash, many insurance companies will make every attempt to evade responsibility to pay for your medical bills and pain complaints. Always speak with an attorney before accepting payment from an insurance company for your injuries.