Storm Warnings: The True Cost of Driving in the Rain

Storm Warnings: The True Cost of Driving in the RainOver the last few weeks, Washingtonians have experienced a phenomenon that is rare in this part of the country. While we all may be used to driving in the gray and sprinkling conditions native to our area, the monsoon and lightning filled sky is lesser seen. This heavy rainfall and high winds not only creates problems for the power companies, but also increases the chances of motor vehicle accidents. According to the Federal Highway Administration, almost 25% of all accidents are caused in part by inclement weather.*

In any lawsuit stemming from a motor vehicle accident, the Plaintiff must prove that the other driver failed to meet the standard of care of a driver in the Defendant's situation. This means, that in the case of harsh weather, the standard of care increases and drivers must be more careful to avoid car accidents. In order to meet the standard of care, here are some helpful driving tips:

Stormy Weather Ahead

  • Slow down
  • Use your headlights - even during the daytime
  • Do not drive in an area that is flooded. Instead, turn around and look for a detour.
  • Leave plenty of braking distance between you and the car ahead
  • At intersections, be especially careful if the power is out
  • If weather becomes too much of a burden, avoid driving or if you are already driving, pull off the road and wait out the storm.