The Truth Behind Cell Phones and Driving


The Truth Behind Cell Phones and DrivingJust a few years back, anyone could be driving down the road with Starbucks in one hand, cell phone in the other, with knees handling the steering wheel; and nothing could be done about it. Over the last couple of years, the police in Washington counties have cracked down on those using their cell phone while driving.

A recent study was conducted at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. The research shows that 8.1% of drivers use an electronic device while driving and nearly half of those were texting. Not only is this a primary offense, which the police can pull you over for, but it is incredibly dangerous.

Get the MSGStudies show that texting and driving impair one's ability to drive nearly as much as driving under the influence of alcohol. In fact, sending text messages while driving increases the risk of crashing by 23 times. While certainly we, as drivers, believe we are safe even while using cell phones; the data and common sense reflect otherwise. One thing is for sure. Better safe than sorry. That text message can wait.