One Dollar A Month Dissolution

Over the past few years, a husband and wife had struggled in their relationship. They had stayed together for the children's sake. Husband was a captain of a commercial boat in another state, keeping him away months at a time. The last time he left, he closed the bank account and would not send any money back. The wife was struggling to survive; she had no money to pay bills or take care of the children. The husband wanted a divorce but took no action toward that end. Along with filing for divorce. He asked for child support and custody along with attorney fees. In response, the husband claimed he earned only $1 a month. He stated that he was going to school and no longer working as captain of the boat. He was able to prove that, in fact, the husband's annual earnings were more than $70,000, certainly more than the $12 claimed by the husband. The court awarded the wife custody, child support and her attorney fees.