Slip and Fall

Slip-and-fall accidents or injuries comes under the category of premises liability injury, and occur when a person is seriously injured by slipping or tripping and falling because of unsafe or dangerous stairs, railings, or other structures. Restaurants, parks, museums, office buildings, homes, apartment buildings, outside steps, sidewalks, etc. are locations prone to safety problems such as slippery or irregular floors, irregular stairs, improper handrails, unsafe curbs, poor or improper maintenance, improper design, improper construction, unsafe equipment, and improper repairs. Falls can take place both indoors and outdoors.

Liabilities for slip and fall injuries

Under general tort or personal injury law, slip and fall cases must meet certain criteria in order for a victim to receive compensation for their damages. A party is held liable for slip and fall injuries sustained on their property when the victim can prove that the party had knowledge of the danger and failed to act in an appropriate and timely manner to prevent injury. The injured party may not be able to receive compensation if they had knowledge of the hazard prior to the injury.

Damages recoverable in a slip and fall suit

Damages can be recovered for medical bills, lost time from work, permanent or temporary disability, pain and suffering which includes physical and mental agony.