Offering An Experienced DUI/DWI Defense

A driving under the influence (DUI) conviction in Washington can be personally devastating, staying on your record forever. Besides the negative effect a conviction will have on your driver's license, it can also lead to losing job opportunities, getting turned down for credit, preventing travel abroad, and losing access to government aid and programs. Make no mistake about it: DUI defense requires very specific skills, experience, and a strong understanding of DOL hearings.

Since 1990, the DUI/DWI defense attorneys of Magnuson Lowell, P.S., have been providing aggressive criminal defense for clients in communities throughout the Snohomish and King County area.

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Providing Assistance After A Drunk Driving Arrest

After being arrested for DUI, you will actually need to address two types of cases:

  • One part of your case will involve fighting to keep your driver's license through a DOL hearing.
  • The other part of your case involves facing criminal proceedings.

You will need to petition the D.O.L. within 20 days in order to preserve your rights if the police has punched your driver's license. At the hearing, you and your attorney will be expected to present evidence regarding probable cause, illegal evidence, and your breath test (Breathalyzer) or blood test results. Frankly, this is a very difficult hearing in which to prevail. The odds are definitely stacked against you. Our experienced DUI defense attorneys know how the DOL rules are played and we know the strategies that will give you the best chance to keep your license.

Criminal Proceedings Following Your Drunk Driving Arrest

You will also be facing criminal proceedings. At your trial, you will be fighting to stay out of jail, reduce your fines, and prevent your license from being suspended. We are experienced trial attorneys who work as a team to ensure that every possible angle is used to argue for the best possible outcome for your case. We can't promise successful results. No attorney can. But we do promise to work hard to protect your rights. You will always be in complete control of your decisions and your case.

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