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Distracted drivers have become all too commonplace in Washington. These days you don't have to look very far to see someone texting while driving or using a cellphone behind the wheel. Drivers eat, apply makeup, listen to headphones and even read on the road. The list of potential distractions for drivers is almost endless.

An experienced law firm can help if you are involved with an accident with a distracted driver and suffer serious personal injury or lose a loved one to wrongful death. At the Law Offices of Magnuson Lowell P.S., we provide legal guidance to clients in Redmond, Bellevue and other areas of Washington with distracted driver accident issues.

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Don't put off getting the legal help you need if you are a victim in a distracted driver accident. Contact our traffic accident lawyers if you have suffered severe personal injury or unexpectedly lost a loved one.

Our attorneys can review your case and identify your legal options during a case review. At the Law Offices of Magnuson Lowell P.S., we offer initial consultations for distracted driver accidents at no charge. Our personal injury lawyers represent select cases on a contingency basis. Attorney fees only apply if we represent your case and you get a settlement for your claim.

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Our lawyers will pursue the maximum level of compensation available for your distracted driver personal injury claim. As skilled trial lawyers with backgrounds in insurance defense, we are fully aware of the tactics that insurance companies use to reduce or deny claims. Rest assured, our attorneys will aggressively pursue any claims denied out of bad faith. We recognize the pain and suffering victims endure and do our best to hold those liable accountable for their actions.

Accidents caused by distracted drivers were the subject of legislation recently passed in the state of Washington. Use of a hand-held wireless communication device to make phone calls, sending e-mails or texting while driving is a traffic infraction under the Revised Code of Washington, RCW 46.61.667 and 46.61.668. Besides a minimum ticket of $124 for violations of cellphone use and texting, the law establishes liability for distracted driver accidents.

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