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Your First Meeting And Beyond

Calling a lawyer you don't know can be intimidating. You may worry about how you will be treated or be skeptical of whether they really have your best interests in mind. Sometimes, taking the first step is easier when you know what to expect.

At the Law Offices of Magnuson Lowell P.S. in Redmond, Washington, we understand your concerns. We hope the following information about your first meeting in our office and our approach to the law helps you better understand what you can expect when you work with us.

Our tagline, "protecting you from a legal storm," is not just a catchy phrase; it exemplifies how we approach every case we handle. We strive to protect your best interests through our skilled and experienced guidance, keeping you informed and aggressively pursuing your goals.

Learn About Your Case

Whether you were injured in an accident or are going through a divorce, our first priority is to learn more about you and your situation. We might ask you questions about your car insurance policy or what type of assets you share with your spouse. We might ask about the extent of your injuries or what you hope to achieve from your divorce. We want to know as many details as possible so we can determine the best approach to resolving your matter.

Helping You Understand The Process

Your case is about you, not us. You deserve to know what to expect from your case. Once we have a better understanding of your situation, we will walk you through the process of seeking a resolution. Whether we plan to seek a settlement or take your case to court, we will make sure you understand the road ahead and how it may impact your life.

A Straightforward Approach

A personal injury or family law matter can have lasting effects on your life. You deserve to know the possible implications of each decision you make. Our attorneys take an honest and straightforward approach to each legal matter they handle. While we will never force you down a certain path, we will always make sure you have the information you need to make decisions that support your best interests.

Prepare For All Possibilities

At our firm, we prepare every case as if it will go to trial — even if we hope it won't. Aggressive and thorough preparation is the only way to be sure you receive a fair outcome, whether you are going up against your soon-to-be ex or a large insurance company. Being prepared shows the other side that we will not back down from seeking a fair and favorable resolution.

All-Access Policy

The most common complaint we hear from our clients is that they could never get in touch with their former lawyer. In our office, we have an all-access policy. Our door, phone and email are always open to you. If you have questions or concerns or want an update on your case, we will make ourselves available to you in a timely manner.

Keeping Records For You

When you are dealing with a serious legal matter, you don't always have time to keep meticulous records. Good records, however, are an important part of building a strong case. When something noteworthy happens that affects your legal matter — such as another doctor's appointment or a new job that requires a change in your parenting plan — all you have to do is send us a quick email. We will keep the records for you.