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Angelle Forsythe - Paralegal Angelle Forsythe

Angelle is the paralegal at Magnuson Lowell. Born in California, she moved to Washington at age 5 and was raised on a farm in Port Orchard. Graduating early from high school, she moved to Seattle at 18 where she received substantial experience working for the Department of Licensing for over twelve years. Working for the government spurred Angelle’s interest in the legal field, and she sought out employment at law firms becoming a paralegal in 2010. Angelle joined Magnuson Lowell in January 2022 and has become a substantial piece of its foundation.

Working for Magnuson Lowell has taught Angelle the power of one-to-one client relationships. Angelle builds an individual relationship with every client staying in consistent communication to ensure proper care and compassion for each case.

Outside of work, Angelle is an avid outdoorsperson. She enjoys all sorts of shooting activities including archery, firearms, and paintball. She’s been married to her husband Dan for many years and has four children and three grandchildren. With her family, Angelle loves skiing and arts and crafts. With a big family, Angelle has learned to manage her time and show empathy for difficult situations.

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