Case Study About Fraud - Cemetery Plot

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A couple purchased burial plots for themselves in the Masonic section of a Seattle cemetery. Over twenty years later, the husband passed away. During the funeral procession, the widow was stunned when the limousine and hearse drove past the section where she believed they had purchased the plot two decades earlier. Her husband was buried in a different location near a major road; and certainly not in the Masonic section. After returning home, the widow dug through her papers and was able to locate the original purchase documents. They suggested that her husband had been buried in the wrong place. Subsequent investigation made it clear that the cemetery had fraudulently altered its copy of the purchase documents (obviously expecting that twenty or more years later, no one would notice or have the original documents). The cemetery had re-sold the plot to another who, by then, was "using" the parcel. With the threat of a very serious public relations nightmare hanging over its head, Magnuson Lowell convinced the cemetery to purchase a larger and nicer location in the Masonic section of a competitor's cemetery, exhume the casket, transfer it to the new cemetery, re-inter the casket at the new location, and pay all of the client's attorney's fees.

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