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Medical Malpractice

Removal of the Wrong Bone

A woman was involved in a car accident; leaving her with substantial back and neck pain. As the spinal issues resolved, she realized her hands/wrists were very painful. She went to a hand specialist who diagnosed damage to the bones in her hands/thumbs. He recommended surgeries to each hand. A cadaver bone would replace the damaged bone in each hand. She underwent the first surgery; but the pain did not subside. The surgeon insisted she was being a 'whiner' and told her to 'gut it out' and do her physical therapy. Eventually it was determined that the doctor had removed a healthy bone and replaced it with the cadaver bone. Unfortunately, repair of the error was impossible; since there was now, no healthy bone to attach a new cadaver bone to.

The surgeon refused to admit he did anything wrong; so the woman retained Magnuson Lowell. On her behalf, Rick Lowell obtained a substantial six-figure judgment against the surgeon - a judgment that was paid by the doctor's insurer.

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