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June 2015 Archives

(Redmond/Family Law) The Myth of Grandparent Rights

Little Jimmy has almost lived at his grandparent's house. Grandma teaches him how to cook and Grandpa takes him on adventures around their property. What happens if Grandma and Grandpa get in a fight with Jimmy's parents? Suddenly, Little Jimmy's parents don't want Little Jimmy seeing the grandparents any more. Unfortunately, in the area of Family Law, grandparents have almost no rights when it comes to seeing their grandchild. And, while this may not be fair, considering some of the lengths grandparents go to provide for their grandchildren, it remains the law.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) What NOT to Do After an Accident

If you have ever been a car accident that has led to Personal Injury, you know that there are lot of actions that need to be taken in order to successfuly document your claim. But, almost as important, there are many things you should never do after an accident. Here are a few things to remember NOT to do in the future:

(Redmond/Family Law) Legal Separation vs. Separating Legally

As a marriage evolves, spouses tend to reflect on their lives. Sometimes, a husband and wife decide that changes needs to be made. In Family Law, this typically involves the decision to leave your significant other. And most times, it doesn't mean that someone is marching down to the nearest Superior Court and filing for divorce. Setting aside the emotional aspects, we usually field calls with questions of the legality of separating from their spouse because there is an important distinctino between a legal separation and emotional separation.

(Redmond/Family Law) Divorce 101: The Proverbial Toaster

Whether you were married for 2 hours or 20 years, the law requires you to literally go to court so you can officially "break up" with your significant other. Unfortunately, the divorce process is not as simple as just ending a relationship. All Family Law divorce cases will require a division of property and debt between the parties. Don't let the provervial toaster create havoc in your Family Law case.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) The Notorious Slip and Fall

Almost everywhere you walk, someone has a duty to make sure you don't hurt yourself. Whether you are invited to a store's grand opening or you break into the store at night, there are different laws if something should happen to should you suffer a personal injury on another's property. While this area of law is complex, it can essentially be broken down into two categories: invitees and trespassers. 

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