(Redmond/Crazy Lawsuit) Here Comes Football - and Litigation

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(Redmond/Crazy Lawsuit) Here Comes Football - and Litigation
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 9/9/2015

The Seattle Seahawk football season is finally upon us. This is good news for everyone here in the Pacific Northwest and not so good news for those living in Santa Clara, St. Louis, or Glendale. Unfortunately, despite the jubilance that may come with the first kick off of the regular season, leave it to those Patriot's fans to bring us back to reality. A Crazy Lawsuit was filed by Kimberly Chartier alleging that the Patriots are responsible for her husbands untimely demise.

Jeffrey Chartier, a 40 year old, diehard Patriots fan, brought his then 6 year old son Tedy (purpotedly even named after long time Patriot's linebacker Tedy Bruschi) to the first Patriots' game of the 2010 season. He had been given a field pass and was excited to bring his son along for the festivities and to be near the players on the field. Security denied young Tedy access to the field because only his father had been properly credentialled for field access. After a 15 minute confrontation, the two fans returned to their original seats. Soon after, Jeffrey suffered from a fatal heart attack.

While it may seem cynical or cold-hearted for the security guard to deny a 6 year old access to the field, we must remember that the guard was just doing his job. And, while it may be devastating for Kimberly to lose her husband, the proposition that the stress from one mild confrontation with security triggered a coronary failure is preposterous. The wife is now suing the Patriots organization and security services for $10 million. At Magnsuon Lowell, we can tell you the merits of your case because a Crazy Lawsuit like this is just one more reason why the Seahawks' 12th Man are the best fans in the NFL.

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