(Redmond/Criminal Defense) Time Matters for a DUI

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(Redmond/Criminal Defense) Time Matters for a DUI
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 2/10/2016

Time really does matter for your Criminal Defense. I read a small article about a motor vehicle accidently that happened in the Spokane area. Early in the morning, a man crashed his car into a Skipper's restaurant north of downtown Spokane. It happened shortly after 2 a.m. Actually, the title of the article was "Drunken Driver Crashes into Skipper's Restaurant." A seemingly throwaway line at the end of the article confirmed that police have investigated two vehicle crashes into this particular Skipper's recently.

My first thought was, "Skipper's is still in business?" After that initial shock, my second thought was "This wasn't the first crash into Skipper this year!" All kidding aside, I thought about the presumption that this was man was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). My thoughts weren't truly about this particular driver. I'm sure that this gentleman will have a Hell of a time convincing a jury that he wasn't under the influence when he crashed his car into a fast food restaurant.

Stip away all of the language about alcohol, intoxication, and DUI for a moment. Wouldn't most reasonable people come to the same conclusion that the driver was likely drinking prior to the accident? If the accident took place at 4 p.m., the public would likely think nothing of it. But, at 2 a.m., it is completely natural to think that alcohol was involved. A jury will think the same way too, and this is why time really does make a difference for your Criminal Defense.

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