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(Redmond/Criminal Defense) - The (Redmond/Criminal Defense) - The Ability to Remain Silent
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 7/27/2015

Being arrested is no laughing matter. However, Ron White - a well known comedian - has turned his criminal faux pas into a string of comedic gold. He points out that he has been forced to hire a Criminal Defense attorney on occasions throughout his life. On one particular occasion, he was arrested for drinking in public and fighting in a bar. While your Miranda rights may provide you with the right to remain silent, Ron explained that during this encounter with the police, he did not have the ability to remain silent.

While the heart of this story may have been humorous, facing interrogatation from a police officer is not the fun ordeal our comedian friends make it out to be. As a human being, most of us are wired to respect those with greater authority. Whether you're facing a DUI, domestic violence assault, or a simple shoplifting charge, your instincts to talk with the police may be strong. Maybe you are hoping that talking with the officer will get you out of trouble. Or, if you believe you did not do anything wrong, your silence would mean that you are hiding something.

The reality is, that most of the time, these statements will be used against you in a court of law. The police know it. The characters from Law and Order know it. And, now, you know it. So, when you are read your Constitutional rights, develop your ability to remain silent and call a Criminal Defense attorney from Magnuson Lowell.

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