Battling Father Time: Crafting Your Legacy with Precision

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Battling Father Time: Crafting Your Legacy with Precision
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 8/28/2023


Picture this: Grace, a sprightly woman in her 70s, watched from her porch as her grandchildren played in the yard. Each laugh, each playful shriek made her smile, but deep down, a nagging question haunted her: "Who will look after these precious souls when the sands of time catch up with me?" Then she remembered, with a hint of pride, her chat with the folks at Magnuson Lowell P.S.

Now, let's pause Grace's story for a moment.

We've all heard that saying in sports, right? That "Father Time is undefeated." It's a poetic way of saying that age catches up with everyone. But while we may not beat time at its own game, we can surely set the rules. How? With a game plan called Estate Planning.

Think of the durable power of attorney as your star player. Beyond just crafting a will, it's your handpicked team captain, someone you trust wholeheartedly, leading the charge on your behalf. Whether they're making sure bills get paid, or ensuring that the house remains a home, this captain has got your back. And while you're still the team owner, having a reliable captain ensures that the play runs smoothly, even if you have to step off the field for a bit.

Back to Grace. The idea of her grandkids' future wasn't left to chance or courts. She had her game plan, thanks to Magnuson Lowell P.S. Not only did they help her set up a durable power of attorney, but they also helped her craft a holistic strategy, tailoring it to her unique needs.

So, what did Grace's playbook from Magnuson Lowell P.S. look like?

Drafted Wills: Her assets were clearly marked to be passed on to her loved ones.
Consultation: She connected with tax advisors, ensuring her hard-earned wealth wasn't gobbled up by unforeseen taxes.
Diverse Services: Everything from guardianships to retirement planning was meticulously laid out.
Today, Grace sips her tea with ease, knowing her legacy is in safe hands. And it's not just about the tangible assets, but also the intangible love and values she wants to pass on.

Whether you're a Grace, or just someone wondering about the future, remember: Father Time might be a fierce opponent, but with the right strategy, you can ensure your legacy shines bright. Need some pointers or perhaps an entire game plan? The creative minds at Magnuson Lowell P.S. are here to coach you through it. Come huddle with us, and let's map out a winning strategy for your future.

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