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July 2015 Archives

(Redmond/General Law) The Key to Success: Communication

First and foremost, every attorney's primary responsibility is to their client. Unfortunately, one recurring factor tends to drag down even the best or most General Law case: communication. Under Washington Rules of Professional Conduct (and common sense), the client is the ultimate decision-maker for their own claim. An attorney is supposed to make recommendations, which will then allow the client to make an informed choice. With poory communication, this task becomes more difficult and can often lead to misunderstandings.

(Redmond/Criminal Defense) - The "Ability" to Remain Silent

Being arrested is no laughing matter. However, Ron White - a well known comedian - has turned his criminal faux pas into a string of comedic gold. He points out that he has been forced to hire a Criminal Defense attorney on occasions throughout his life. On one particular occasion, he was arrested for drinking in public and fighting in a bar. While your Miranda rights may provide you with the right to remain silent, Ron explained that during this encounter with the police, he did not have the ability to remain silent.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) Bicycle Laws in Washington

Despite the frustration you may sometimes feel when stuck behind a slow-moving bicycle, we must always remind myself of one thing: in Washington, bicyclists have many of the same rights as car drivers. In fact, statutes in Washington specifically grant our helmeted friends all of the rights and responsibilities of a traditional motorist. As a bicyclist in Washington, it's important to know your rights and responsibilities so you can understand your rights in a Personal Injury claim.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) The Complexity of Medical Malpractice

Hopefully, you have been fortunate enough to maintain a great relationship with your primary care physician. Even when a specialist may be necessary, I know I'm in good hands because - typically - the specialist was referred to me by my trusted M.D. However, while we like to put our physicians on pedestals, they are not omnipotence and perfection rolled into one. Doctors are human, and humans make mistakes. If these unfortunate mistakes caused you unnecessary pain and suffering you may have a Personal Injury claim.

(Redmond/Estate Planning) Father Time and the Power of Attorney

There is an old adage in sports, which states that "Father Time is undefeated." In other words, getting older is one area in your life that you cannot control. Unfortuantely, with age, there are more risks and complications relating to your mind and body. As Father Time takes his toll, who will help you in handling your affairs? For those who are unprepared, more than likely, your local Superior Court will be in charge. Estate Planning can help you prepare and avoid a court appointed guardianship and the costly fees involved.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) Fido's Revenge: Dog Bites in Washington

Canis Lupis Familiaris, also known as man's best friend; the domestic dog has been a part of human life for centuries. In most cases, these cute and cuddly housemates provide a level of friendship and uncompromising love that some will never experience from another living animal. Unfortunately, under some circumstances, these friendly mammals can turn fearsome and cause severe Personal Injury.

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