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September 2015 Archives

(Redmond/Personal Injury) The Real Story on Punitive Damages

Whether fictitious television plots or real life events, the ultimate goal of any high profile Personal Injury lawsuit is an award of punitive damages. In essence, punitive damages are meant to penalize defendants for actions that violated the rights of or injured another person. Punitive damages tend to be very high so as to deter the defendant from acting similarly in the future. Usually, the defendant's actions must have been grossly negligent, reckless, or intentional in order to garner these exemplary damages.

(Redmond/Family Law) What Happens in Family Law Court...

Whether you've joined the masses under the Space Needle or gathered with friends and family in your local cul-de-sac, the 4th of July is always full of loud, bright, and potentially dangerous fireworks. If you happen to be in any of Washington's spectacular Superior Courthouses, the date is irrelevant. When it comes to Family Law issues, fireworks are everywhere and can last for several years.

(Redmond/Crazy Lawsuit) Here Comes Football - and Litigation

The Seattle Seahawk football season is finally upon us. This is good news for everyone here in the Pacific Northwest and not so good news for those living in Santa Clara, St. Louis, or Glendale. Unfortunately, despite the jubilance that may come with the first kick off of the regular season, leave it to those Patriot's fans to bring us back to reality. A Crazy Lawsuit was filed by Kimberly Chartier alleging that the Patriots are responsible for her husbands untimely demise.

(Redmond/Family Law) Child Support Modification - The Ex Factor

We recently received a phone call from a potential client who originated in the Spokane area who had an inquiry regarding Family Law. The father had a child from a previous marriage and had paid a substantial amount of child support to his ex-wife. It had been some time since the child support order had been entered, and the potential client was exploring whether to modify the current order. Since the divorce, both ex-spouses had remarried and their respective ex-'tra' spouses had full time employment.

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