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Insurance issues abound after Lyft accident

Ride sharing companies serve an important purpose for many people. When you get into one of these vehicles, you don't think that you are going to be involved in an accident. If you are involved in an accident in a ride sharing vehicle, you might face a tough road to recovery.

A man who was on a two-week visit to the United States is finding out the hard way how difficult some things are in the U.S. He was in a Lyft vehicle when another driver ran a red light and slammed into the Lyft vehicle. He suffered an injury in the March 1 car crash and needs medical care; however, he is having to fight to get that care.

At the time of the accident, neither driver called the police because it didn't appear that anyone was hurt. The man did suffer from shoulder pain and neck pain. Even though he had traveler's insurance, it won't cover issues in the U.S.

The man contacted Allstate, which is the at-fault driver's insurance company. The insurer told him to get medical care if he needed it, but he can't because he can't pay for medical care. They also told him that if he wanted to file a claim that he needs a diagnosis. He ended up coming out-of-pocket for $222 to get a diagnosis. The doctor there noted that he had back trauma and needed specialist care within two weeks.

Even though that two-week period has lapsed, the man still hasn't gotten medical care. He has been stuck in the U.S. because he can't sit for the 14-hour flight back to Australia, where he could get free health care since he is a citizen.

Lyft issued a statement about the insurance policy that covers riders. The statement noted that the company has been in contact with the man regarding the accident.

This case might seem like an extreme example of what happens when an accident occurs. It really isn't all that extreme. People who are involved in accidents often have to turn to legal claims to get compensation for their injuries.

Source: KIRO, "Lyft passenger in accident gets runaround on medical coverage," Natasha Chen, June 08, 2017

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