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Suspected drunk driver slams into a motorcycle, injuring biker

Motorcycle riders face some very serious risks if they are involved in an accident. One man just found out how very serious these injuries can be. He was in a motorcycle accident in South Seattle and is now facing a difficult recovery.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) FaceTime, Lawsuits and a Slippery Slope

The tech-giant Apple is now embattled in a Personal Injury lawsuit after a 5-year-old girl was killed following a motor vehicle collision. Instead of watching the road, the at-fault driver was allegedly using the company's FaceTime video calling program. The family of the deceased girl claim that Apple should be held responsible for the death - in addition to the driver - because the phone app was not safely designed. The lawsuit claims that Apple should have included a program to shutoff FaceTime while driving or utilized proper warnings in the app discouraging the use of video calling while driving.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) Under Anesthesia: Joke's on You

Throughout the years, stories have developed of assault against patients who have undergone a general anesthetic. More often than not, these assaults and batteries are reprehensible and should lead to jail. On other occasions, these actions lead to monetary damages mostly because they aren't injurious, but, rather, are amusing - although in bad taste. These assaults may be the impetus for a Personal Injury claim. And, a lawyer may be best suited to help you determine what your claim may be worth.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) Rescue Attempts Gone Wrong

Time to use your imagination! You're a world renowned physician who has literally and figuratively written the book on airway restrictions and the Heimlich maneuver. During your lunch break, you notice a diner at the table next to you choking on his meal. Do you have a duty to come to his rescue? Surprisingly, in Washington, the answer is no. And, if you do, make sure you do so there is no Personal Injury lawsuit that follows.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) Tag You're It!

Over the last few months, elementary schools throughout the country are banning one of the last remnants of our youth: tag. No longer will boys and girls playful yell "You're it!" as they trounce through the playyard. In our politically correct and overly cautious society, one might think on first glance that these new policies are both eccentric and overbearing. This may be the case, but the reasoning behind these guidelines is sound. Schools are nervous of Personal Injury litigation.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) Truth of Cell Phones and Driving

Just a few years back, anyone could be driving down the road with a Starbucks in one hand and a cell phone in the other. A driver's knees were the only thing keeping the steering wheel straight, and there is little the police could do about it. Now, "Click it or ticket" is a real thing as Washington has cracked down on cell phone use while driving. It turns out the government may be right about this issue and talking or texting has an increased chance of leading to an accident and Personal Injury claims.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) Small Accident / Major Pain

The moral of the story is in the title: even a small accident can cause major pains. Whiplash is a common term known to most drivers, but few people actually realize what it actually is. A low speed impact may not cause any damage to vehicles involved because the cars are designed to absorb much of the energy. A human body is not built to absorb energy. A whiplash Personal Injury occurs when the force of a collision causes the neck to flex forward and hyperextend in the opposite direction quickly.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) The Infamous Bumper Tap

We've all been in this situation before. You get in your car after an exhausting trip to the grocery store. As a responsible driver, you check turn around in your seat and begin to back your car out of the parking stall. You're all the way out of your spot and shift the car into drive. Suddenly, the car behind you backs up right into the rear bumper of your car. You get out of your car and check for any Personal Injury. You look for damage which seems to be minor and collect the other driver's information before proceeding home.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) The Cost of Driving in the Rain

While the sun may be peeking its head out through the clouds, Washington will surely encounter its fair share of rain and storms over the next few months. While we all may be used to driving in the gray and sprinkling conditions native to our area, the monsoon and lightning filled sky is lesser seen. This heavy rainfall and high winds not only creates problems for the power companies, but also increases the chances of motor vehicle accidents and Personal Injury claims. According to the Federal Highway Administration, almost 25% of all accidents are caused in part by inclement weather.

(Redmond/Personal Injury) The Real Story on Punitive Damages

Whether fictitious television plots or real life events, the ultimate goal of any high profile Personal Injury lawsuit is an award of punitive damages. In essence, punitive damages are meant to penalize defendants for actions that violated the rights of or injured another person. Punitive damages tend to be very high so as to deter the defendant from acting similarly in the future. Usually, the defendant's actions must have been grossly negligent, reckless, or intentional in order to garner these exemplary damages.

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