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Summer vacation plans can't be put off when custody is an issue

Making plans for summer vacations can be difficult for any parent. A parent who has a child custody order governing his or her child's activities can have an even more difficult time than other parents. If you are thinking about planning a vacation this summer, think about the following points.

First, you will need to let the child's other parent know about the plans you have. Many child custody orders require reasonable notification. Even if you aren't required to do this, it might still be a good idea so that the child's other parent knows your plans in case something happens while you are on the trip.

Suspected drunk driver slams into a motorcycle, injuring biker

Motorcycle riders face some very serious risks if they are involved in an accident. One man just found out how very serious these injuries can be. He was in a motorcycle accident in South Seattle and is now facing a difficult recovery.

The motorcyclist was struck by an SUV. Police indicate that there is a chance that the man driving the SUV was impaired at the time of the crash. The motorcyclist was struck as the SUV driver attempted to make a U-turn.

When to hire a personal injury lawyer after a car accident

You have gotten into a motor vehicle accident and have sustained an injury. Now what? The obvious first step is to see your health-care provider. The sooner you get a medical evaluation, the better for your recovery and for a personal injury case.

After that, you may believe the next step is to talk to your insurance company and settle the matter. However, that most likely will not be in your best interest. Before you contact your insurance provider, speak to a personal injury attorney who can help you obtain the best outcome.

Protect your interests during your divorce

Even though the month of March is behind us, people who were the victim of March Madness divorces should still be taking steps to protect themselves and their finances until the divorce is finalized.

These steps can help you to ensure that you aren't starting your new life off with a negative financial footing. Consider these points:

How divorce mediation works in Washington State

Divorce mediation can confer benefits on the involved parties and save time for the court. For this reason, while Washington state law does not mandate it, some county courts do require parties to participate in some form of alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation, before proceeding to trial.

The mediator's role

Can a drunk driver be found liable under criminal and civil law?

If there were any doubt whether officials are stepping up their enforcement efforts against drunk driving, the recent arrest of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Trevone Boykin should send a warning. Boykin was merely a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a drunk driving accident. Nevertheless, police also arrested Boykin, charging him with marijuana possession and public intoxication.

According to reports, a car in which Boykin was a passenger crashed into a nightclub, injuring at least eight people. Notably, the car had not even entered traffic; the driver was merely backing up at an allegedly excessive rate of speed. In the process, the car struck pedestrians on a sidewalk before crashing into the wall of a nightclub. Fortunately, police reported that none of the injuries was life threatening.

Important factors of high-asset divorce cases

Property division, tax consequences and spousal support are often contentious issues in any divorce. However, these issues become even more complicated when divorcing couples have highly valuable assets. Due to the unique and high-stakes nature of divorcing with complex assets, high-net-worth individuals should carefully consider and evaluate these factors.

5 steps to follow when you get hit by a car

When a car hits a pedestrian, there are often serious consequences. On March 22, a car hit and killed a pedestrian on Interstate 5. You must be prepared if you get injured by a car as a pedestrian. There are certain steps you should take to protect yourself medically, legally and financially. If you fail to take certain actions, you may reduce your chances of getting adequate compensation. Follow these guidelines when you get hit by a car.

A Win for Nerdy Linguists Everywhere!

For decades', linguists and professional comma users everywhere have been stuck in a fearsome debate. The serial comma - more commonly known as the Oxford comma - is an obligation to some; yet, it remains irrelevant to others. The main, but not sole, use of an Oxford comma is while listing three or more items in a sentence. It forces a comma between the conjunction (i.e. the words and, or, and but) and the final listed item. For a good (yet confusing) example look no further than the parenthesized clause above. The Oxford comma is the second comma between the word 'or' and 'and'.

Laywer, Lawyer Pants on Fire

TV legal dramas like Law & Order tend to show off the theatrical side of being an attorney. Most of the time, however, the practice of law is merely composed of reading and writing. Every once in a while, an attorney will have the opportunity to present his case to a judge and a jury. And, generally speaking, even these hearings are typically mundane affairs. Nothing was ordinary for Florida attorney Stephen Gutierrez this last week as he was presenting his closing arguments to a jury in a case involving arson.

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