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When car accidents lead to brain injury

Nowadays, car accidents are the second-most common cause of brain injuries, accounting for about 20 percent of all cases. Car accidents are also the leading cause of brain injuries severe enough to require hospitalization, beating out falls, which are the leading cause of brain injuries overall.

If you suffer a brain injury after a car accident, you may experience only mild symptoms that require only minimal medical treatment, or you may experience lifelong side effects and hardships relating to your head injury. If you take a severe blow to the head in an auto accident, you may experience:

How can my divorce impact my credit score and history?

There are many financial impacts to a divorce. You will have to learn to live on one income instead of two. You might not have thought about the impact that this will have on your credit, but you should take a few minutes to think about this.

You might not think that you will need to worry about your credit after the divorce, but you might be surprised at when you will need it. You might need to buy a new car or a new home. This could come down to what your credit report says.

When your ex wants the children for the holidays

You and your ex-spouse spent the time drawing up a comprehensive parenting plan that covered such issues as drop-off arrangements, where the children go for school vacations and backup child care. It is your turn to have the children for an upcoming holiday, but now your ex wants them.

What are you to do?

Hold appropriate parties liable for a crash that injures you

All injuries that you suffer from an unexpected accident are difficult to deal with. In some cases, when the injuries are minor, they are more nuisances. More serious injuries can impact all of the important things in your life.

We realize that you didn't plan on getting into an accident when you left home. You might have to figure out how to adjust your life now that you are dealing with the aftershocks of the crash.

Is it safe to walk in Washington state?

When people think of the dangers of walking, they often imagine purse-snatchers, gang members or vicious dogs. While these hazards certainly exist, the truth is that the biggest threat to the safety of pedestrians is motorists. 

In fact, Washington state has seen a significant increase in pedestrian fatalities the last couple years, according to the Seattle Times. The speed and size of vehicles are no match for the human body, leading to severe injury and possibly death. Knowing the risk factors can help you to avoid getting in an accident while strolling down the street.

Tragedy mars sailing camp, teen in critical condition

When parents let children go to summer camps, there is a reasonable expectation that the child will be safe. The last thing that you expect is to let your child go to camp only to get a call that there was a serious incident and now your child is in critical condition or dead.

Sadly, one 17-year-old boy's parents recently had to deal with that type of information. Their son was taking part in the Sail Sand Point sailing camp at the time of the accident. The boys and other teens were doing the water test, which is a standard part of the camp, when he slipped underwater.

Focus on logic, not emotion, when you are going through a divorce

There is almost nothing more heartbreaking than finding out that the marriage you fought for is over. When you are facing a divorce, it is time to stop focusing on the couple and start focusing on you. We realize that this is easier said than done, but you must find a way to do just that.

One thing that you need to remember from the first day of the divorce is that your ex isn't looking out for your best interests any longer. Instead, your ex is going to be looking out for himself or herself.

Staying safe around commercial trucks

Getting into an accident with a commercial vehicle is no joke. Large trucks can cause extreme devastation due to their mass and often times flammable or toxic contents. Learning how to navigate around them can reduce your risk of learning just how serious the effects of such an accident can be.

The first thing you notice about a truck is its size. This is an important factor that can make it harder for you to see the road around the truck. It also creates blind zones for the truck driver, who is usually unable to see the road 20 feet ahead of the truck, 30 feet behind it and within a large diagonal swath on both sides.

Divorce and separation serve different purposes

When you and your spouse aren't getting along any longer, you might decide to end the relationship. There are a few ways that you can do this. You might decide to have a trial separation or a permanent separation. You may decide that you are getting a divorce. These are all very different arrangements.

A trial separation and a permanent separation both keep the marriage intact. The trial is appropriate if you aren't sure that you want to end the marriage and are trying to work things out. The permanent separation is appropriate if you aren't trying to work things out but don't want a divorce. Some people choose this option so that they can keep health insurance and other similar points the same as they are now.

What is at stake when you decide to wait after an injury?

After you suffer an injury, it may seem like your life becomes a big waiting game. Whether the injury occurred at work or in an auto accident, you will be likely waiting to hear back from your insurer as well as your medical provider. While everybody else expects you to wait, that is exactly what you should not do — time is of the essence when it comes to securing legal representation in the wake of an injury.

There is a lot at stake, in fact, in the immediate aftermath of your injury. When you spend a week or two considering all of your options, those options are liable to dwindle considerably. These are the top reasons why.

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