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Helping children cope with their emotions during a divorce

The emotions that come with a divorce can be hard for anyone to cope with -- especially children. While you can figure out how to deal with your own emotions during your divorce (and after), you have to think about ways you can help your children do the same. This isn't always easy, but it can be very rewarding because you are providing them with the tools they need to cope throughout their remaining days.

Some parents shy away from discussing their own emotional challenges with their children. If you can talk to your kids about how you feel in a way that is age appropriate, you may find that this helps them to normalize a range of emotions.

Look at the entire situation surrounding a car wreck

Over the holiday season that just passed, some individuals were involved in car wrecks. While many of these might have been minor, others might have led to serious injuries that are going to impact the victim for the rest of their days. If you are suffering from injuries caused by a car accident, you might decide that you are going to seek compensation.

Seeking compensation is a complex process that should be started as soon as possible after the accident. The law sets specific time limits for these cases, so getting your case filed quickly ensures that you aren't going to miss that limit.

What you should know about the collaborative divorce process

Whether you are deciding to end your marriage or you get the sense your spouse is about to hand you divorce papers, you are probably stressing out. You may be fearful of the time-consuming, costly and confrontational process of getting a divorce. Thankfully, your divorce does not need to be like that.

You can divorce in a way that is more civil. If that sounds like a good idea to you, you should learn more about the collaborative divorce method.

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating to the victims

Some accidents, including falls and car wrecks, can lead to spinal cord injuries. These are very serious matters that require immediate medical care. There is a chance that the victim can suffer from a more serious injury if they are moved or if the injury isn't cared for properly.

Your spinal cord runs from the base of your skull down to your tailbone. When any area of it is damaged, you are going to have impacts that are lower than the point of the damage. This means that injuries to the upper spinal cord, which is known as the cervical spine, are more serious than lower level injuries.

4 tips for making it through the year of firsts after divorce

During the first year after divorce, you are going to have many experiences that might be difficult for you to handle. The end of your marriage is a time of adjustment, which can be mentally and emotionally draining.

If you are going through the year of firsts now, consider the following:

  • Your emotions might be all over the place. You might feel like you are on a rollercoaster with your feelings. This is normal. You might not know when emotions are going to come over you, so you have to just do your best to cope with them as they come.
  • Seeing happy couples might upset you right now. You may feel like a failure since your marriage ended. Don't let this thought get you down. There are plenty of divorced people in the world who are successful. Think of your divorce as a fresh start.
  • Holidays might be difficult. You might wish that you still had a special someone to share major holidays with. Instead of dwelling on what might have been, find new things to do. Consider volunteering somewhere or taking a special trip during these times.
  • Reach out to loved ones and friends. During your marriage, you might have let these other relationships fall by the wayside. Instead of pining away over your marriage, focus on rebuilding the relationships that are important to you.

Various impacts of car wrecks can make life difficult

The healing process after a car wreck is one that can take a long time, especially if the crash was a bad one. There are some people who end up suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after an accident that is particularly nasty. This can impact every facet of their lives in a negative manner.

A person who is suffering from PTSD will face a long road to recovery. In the most severe cases, they might be unable to get into a vehicle again for a while. This makes getting around a challenge, which can impact their ability to get to work or to run errands.

Gotta love our court system!

Certainly everyone has their own viewpoint regarding the American court system. But one thing we can all agree upon is that our system can make it easy for people to bring amusing cases. Toward that end, we wanted to share with you a case that was filed in federal court in Southern California. (Where else but Tinseltown would one expect this kind of lawsuit?)

Thomas v Bush, et al. Case No. 11cv2712 WQH-NLS is a case filed by Mia Thomas. She brought her handwritten lawsuit against some 80 defendants - three pages worth of names - not the least of which included: George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Microsoft, Facebook, Queen Elizabeth, Hawaiian Punch, Nestle, Mel Gibson, IHOP, McDonald's, the State of Louisiana, the Vatican and many, many more. One of the thrusts of Ms. Thomas' complaint included the following:

Divorcing a narcissist brings up many challenges

A divorce is difficult enough in the simplest cases; however, when one person in the marriage is a narcissist, things can be even more challenging. When you are splitting up from a person who only thinks of themselves, you will often feel like you are fighting a losing battle. They try to flip everything so that it is about them, and so they can do things that will benefit them. They simply can't stand having the focus on someone else.

Since these individuals don't have any compassion or ability to think about compromise, you might find that resolving the divorce through mediation or collaborative methods is impossible. This means that you will likely end up having to go through a trial to resolve the terms of the divorce.

Facebook and the Law

In the last year, Facebook has climbed over 1 billion active users. Most likely you or someone you know has a Facebook account and uses it religiously. What you likely didn't know, is that if you become involved in litigation, that Facebook account is considered evidence to the opposing party. In Virginia, an attorney and his client were recently sanctioned for over $700,000 for allegedly destroying the client's Facebook account to get rid of unwanted posts and pictures. Lester v. Allied Concrete Company and William Donald Sprouse. Unfortunately for the entire Facebook community, this reverence for Facebook evidence is not uncommon. 

Why You Need a Will Now!

According to a Harris Interactive survey, 58% of adults lack one of the most necessary documents every person should have, a will. (And frankly, from our experience, that percentage is likely even higher.) A last will and testament is a set of papers which lay out how your estate will be distributed- and perhaps who will care for your kids - upon your death. This means, that upon death 58% of the American population may not have their amassed fortune (no matter how big or small) delegated how they would want. While in some cases it may work out in accordance with the deceased's wishes, sometimes the lack of this basic document may lead to years of litigation and thousands of dollars wasted. 

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