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A Win for Nerdy Linguists Everywhere!

For decades', linguists and professional comma users everywhere have been stuck in a fearsome debate. The serial comma - more commonly known as the Oxford comma - is an obligation to some; yet, it remains irrelevant to others. The main, but not sole, use of an Oxford comma is while listing three or more items in a sentence. It forces a comma between the conjunction (i.e. the words and, or, and but) and the final listed item. For a good (yet confusing) example look no further than the parenthesized clause above. The Oxford comma is the second comma between the word 'or' and 'and'.

(Redmond/Crazy Lawsuit) The Walking Dead: or Not!

With all of the new zombie apocalypse shows on television today, it seems only fair that the law get involved in all the fun with a Crazy Lawsuit. In 1986, Donald Miller, a resident of Ohio, disappeared without a trace. There were no signs of foul-play, but after eight years officials came to the conclusion that the drunkard must have wandered off and died. That being said, in 1994 Donald was declared dead and his children began receiving death benefits.

(Redmond/Crazy Lawsuit) Here Comes Football - and Litigation

The Seattle Seahawk football season is finally upon us. This is good news for everyone here in the Pacific Northwest and not so good news for those living in Santa Clara, St. Louis, or Glendale. Unfortunately, despite the jubilance that may come with the first kick off of the regular season, leave it to those Patriot's fans to bring us back to reality. A Crazy Lawsuit was filed by Kimberly Chartier alleging that the Patriots are responsible for her husbands untimely demise.

(Redmond/Crazy Lawsuit) In Tennessee, Judges are God!

Abuse of power is common complaint proffered by both attorneys and their clients alike when it comes to our judicial system. Somtimes these grievances are frivilous beacuse despite the unhappy result, the judge was correctly relying on the law. But, other times this type of Crazy Lawsuit results is some seemingly obvious problems with the judiciary. More recently, the latter has been proven true with regard to one Family Law matter.

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