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(Redmond/Criminal Defense) Time Matters for a DUI

Time really does matter for your Criminal Defense. I read a small article about a motor vehicle accidently that happened in the Spokane area. Early in the morning, a man crashed his car into a Skipper's restaurant north of downtown Spokane. It happened shortly after 2 a.m. Actually, the title of the article was "Drunken Driver Crashes into Skipper's Restaurant." A seemingly throwaway line at the end of the article confirmed that police have investigated two vehicle crashes into this particular Skipper's recently.

(Redmond/Criminal Defense) Field Sobriety Tests - What Not to Do

Whether you are heading out for a night on the town with your signfiicant other or just enjoy the comraderie of your local tavern, there is no doubt that Washington State's finest have continued their crack down on drunk driving. There is nothing worse in the pit of your stomach than driving down the road and seeing the bright flashes of police car sirens in your rearview mirror. If you had been drinking earlier in the evening, both you and the officer know why your vehicle is now parked on the side of the road. In these DUI Criminal Defense consultations, there is always one common question: should I have taken the field sobriet test?

(Redmond/Criminal Defense) - The "Ability" to Remain Silent

Being arrested is no laughing matter. However, Ron White - a well known comedian - has turned his criminal faux pas into a string of comedic gold. He points out that he has been forced to hire a Criminal Defense attorney on occasions throughout his life. On one particular occasion, he was arrested for drinking in public and fighting in a bar. While your Miranda rights may provide you with the right to remain silent, Ron explained that during this encounter with the police, he did not have the ability to remain silent.

(Redmond/Criminal Defense) Pulled Over By the Police - NOW WHAT!

It's human nature. Every so often, we do something stupid. Most of the time we're lucky and the police don't catch us. Whether you have been speeding, driving recklessly, or under the influence of alcohol, odds are you have been pulled over by a cop at one point in your life and will be pulled over again in the future and need the assistance of a Criminal Defense attorney.

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