Back to School - Taking Good Notes to Maximize Your Injury Claim

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Back to School - Taking Good Notes to Maximize Your Injury Claim
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 11/18/2019

BLOGPOST_BackToSchool11182019.JPGIf you are injured in a motor vehicle collision, the burden is on you to prove your personal injury claim to the insurance company or – ultimately – to a jury. Remembering everything that you experienced 6-months, 1 ½ years, or even 3-years later may be difficult. If you’re interested in maximizing your compensation, taking notes may be one way to ensure your claimed damages are not lost with your memory.

So, what kind of information is important enough to track? The answer is simpler than it might otherwise appear. If you feel that information is important, it probably is, and writing it down can only help your claim down the road. It’s not necessary to keep a daily journal (although it certainly wouldn’t hurt). Even just jotting down notes throughout the week or sending yourself a quick email reminder when something happens may be enough.

Here are some things to think about:

At the Scene – First and foremost, what happened generally? The shock from being injured in a collision can be deceptive. Even basic elements of an auto accident may be forgotten. A few other things to take note of include:

- How did your body react to the force of impact?
- Did your head hit the interior of the vehicle?
- Did your seatbelt lock?
- Which way were you facing when you first felt the collision?
- Did you hear brakes or any other noise before the accident?

At the Doctor – A medical provider’s number one job is to listen to your symptoms, evaluate your condition, and provide a proper treatment protocol to help aid in your recovery. In order to do their job correctly, the doctor will need accurate information about how your symptoms have progressed. And, if you don’t remember your symptoms, how will your provider keep precise notes?

- When did you first start feeling pain?
- Did you have any bruising or other symptoms that have resolved by the time you made it to the doctor?
- How were you feeling immediately before the collision?
- How have you been sleeping?

Throughout the Claim – Your symptoms and limitation after a collision are more than just the pain you feel, the effects on your life can sometimes be more devastating. Keeping track of how your symptoms and restrictions have affected your activities of daily living is an important step to maintaining a personal injury claim after an auto collision.

- What kind of activities were you participating in before the collision?
- Have you been able to continue with those activities due to your symptoms?
- How have your symptoms affected your friendships and your family?
- Has your school, work, or any other major commitment been impact? Have you missed time from these activities? Have there been any consequence for your absences?
- Are there any specific stories or experiences that truly exemplify how the collision has impacted your life?

Details can make or break an auto accident injury claim. In order to set your file apart from the hundreds of other claims an adjuster is handling, descriptions about your injuries, about your limitations, and about your affected life are needed. Sometimes your memory is not enough, and notes can be helpful to ensure you recall your complete story. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you keep track of the important details to help maximize your compensation. Call Magnuson Lowell PS for a free consultation.

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