So you've just been pulled over by the police - WHAT NOW!

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So you've just been pulled over by the police - WHAT NOW!
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 7/11/2018

It's human nature. Every so often, we do something stupid. Most of the time we're lucky though and the police don't catch us. Whether you have been speeding, driving recklessly, or under the influence of alcohol odds are you have been pulled over by a cop at one point in your life and will be pulled over again in the future. What most people don't know is that as citizens of Washington and the United States, we have specific rights and duties when it comes to the police that protects us. So courtesy of Magnuson Lowell, P.S., here are some things to remember when approached by the police:

  • Remain calm and treat the officer with respect
  • No matter what you've seen on the TV show Cops - - Never, EVER, run from the police
  • Never bicker or argue with the officer
  • You may refuse to answer questions and refuse to consent to a search
  • Always ask the officer why you were stopped or arrested
  • Always note the badge number and name of the officer
  • Be quick, but diligent when responding - because anything you say or do can be used against you
  • Never remove your seatbelt, leave your car, or reach around in your car unless the officer specifically asks you to do so
  • You may refuse to perform field sobriety tests and may request an attorney before taking a breath test - but your license will be suspended if you refuse to take the breath test at the station
  • Always call Magnuson Lowell, P.S. - (425) 885-7500 - if you need an attorney

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