How to Get Reimbursed for Medical Bills After an Accident

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How to Get Reimbursed for Medical Bills After an Accident
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 2/7/2022

Getting into a car accident is not cheap. Often, expenses you weren’t expecting suddenly are on the forefront and put you in a difficult position. Should you ignore your symptoms and live your normal life, or should you pay bills you cannot afford while otherwise altering your lifestyle. Ensuring that your medical bills get paid becomes a high priority goal for most injured in an auto collision.

BLOGPOST_GetReimbursed02072022_s.jpgHere are four topics for consideration to help get your medical bills paid.

1. Pay with Insurance

It might not always be possible but utilizing Personal Injury Protection insurance or health insurance is one way to limit-out of-pocket medical bills. Your insurance coverage might exhaust. It might not cover the treatment you require. Restricting your out-of-pocket bills to co-pays and deductibles is the easiest way to limit personal exposure.

2. Obtain Consistent, Reasonable Treatment

Insurance companies go out of their way to deny coverage or in the case of liability carriers deny responsibility for medical care. Ensuring that your treatment is in line with medical standards is one way to limit the potential of poor reimbursement. Following up with your primary care provider or medical specialist will help. Seeking alternative care plans when you have plateaued instead of taking part in the same exercises repeatedly will be applauded. When in doubt, follow your doctor’s directions, and you’ll have a better chance of winning in the end.

3. Collect Your Medical Bills Independently

Sometimes, insurance companies will agree to pay your bills directly to the providers. Often, insurance companies have deals – especially with big providers – that reduces the required payment, which saves them money. Here’s a hint – as an injured party – you are entitled to collect the charged amount of your medical bill and not just the insurance reimbursement total. For example, if the doctor charges $300 for an exam, but your health insurance only pays $50, you may claim $300 for your damages and keep the windfall. Auto insurance companies know this and will try to step in to keep the savings for themselves.

4. Hire an Attorney

Liability adjusters know the system better than the drivers making claims. Companies spend millions or billions annually training adjusters to save the company money. Attorneys dedicate their lives and careers to helping injured parties obtain fair compensation from insurance companies. The best way to ensure your bills get properly repaid is to retain counsel experienced in Personal Injury claims. The trial lawyers at the law offices of Magnuson Lowell PS are ready to fight for you. Call today for a free case evaluation.

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