(Redmond/Family Law) Divorces of the Rich and Famous

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(Redmond/Family Law) Divorces of the Rich and Famous
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 3/31/2016

This is Divorces of the Rich and Famous! No, I'm not Robin Leach, but many potential divorcees try to abuse the system when it comes to their child support. Generally speaking, children of divorce are entitled to continue the lifestyle they enjoyed while their parents were married. In Family Law cases across the country it is not uncommon for hedge fund managers and celebrities to seek hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars in child support.

Washington Family Law cases are a bit different when it comes to child support. The judges must rely on a statutory economic table, which takes into account combined net monthly income and the number of children to spit out the amount of child support required. However, the table only goes up to $12,000 net combined monthly income and five children. If combined income or children exceeds the table's limits, the judge has discretion to award additional support. This new amount is wholly in the judge's discretion and will take all of the circumstances into account.

Any order above the maximum scheduled amount requires written findings as to why such an order is entered. In other words, the judge must justify the excess award. As you may expect, judges don't like exceeding the support table and question why the kids "need" the private jets and 24-hour security requested by some affluent parents. At Magnuson Lowell, we will explain this complicated process and ensure your divorce is full of champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

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