Summer vacation plans can't be put off when custody is an issue

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Summer vacation plans can't be put off when custody is an issue
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 5/12/2017

Making plans for summer vacations can be difficult for any parent. A parent who has a child custody order governing his or her child's activities can have an even more difficult time than other parents. If you are thinking about planning a vacation this summer, think about the following points.

First, you will need to let the child's other parent know about the plans you have. Many child custody orders require reasonable notification. Even if you aren't required to do this, it might still be a good idea so that the child's other parent knows your plans in case something happens while you are on the trip.

Second, you need to plan ahead. When you are planning the logistics of your trip, you need to think about how the child custody plan will impact them. There is a chance that your ex won't have any issues with you picking up your child early or dropping the child off late. Don't just assume that this will be the case. Instead, try to plan flights and other transportation around the child custody schedule.

Third, work with your ex so that the child can enjoy the trip. Your ex might have a vacation planned, too. This means that you and your ex should both be willing to work out the logistics so that your child can enjoy the vacations that are planned.
Make sure that you also check for geographical limitations when you are planning your trip. There is a chance that your child custody order might require you to get permission from your ex or the court in order to leave a specific area. Finding this out now can help you get what you need to take the trip.

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