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Don't Get Blindsided by Your Insurance Company
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 9/18/2018

Unfortunately for drivers, their auto insurance company is just that - a company. Just like any other company, all are profit-driven ( and that's ok). The problem is that some of these companies will make claims decisions with the goal of improving their bottom line instead of looking out for you. These decisions may affect individual drivers every day and when accidents happen, some - although not all- companies will do whatever it takes to save a buck. (And as an aside, we are happy to discuss with our clients our personal thoughts on various insurance companies -- which ones look out for you and which ones look out for themselves.)

Recently we were approached by a young lady who had been in a car accident over a year ago. We quickly learned that after her initial treatment with her family doctor and a couple of months of physical therapy, her auto insurance company declined to make any more payments because "treatment was no longer necessary or reasonable." Our investigation uncovered that her insurance company had hired a doctor from another state to review her medical records and - sight unseen - determined that her treatment wasn't needed. This opinion was in absolute contradiction with the opinions of her treating physical therapist and physician.

Having been cut-off from any further funds to cover treatment, this young lady was still feeling the effects of the accident and had no means to afford care. We referred her to a highly qualified chiropractor who was willing to wait for payment - and then, we contacted her insurance company. Fortunately, in relatively short order, we were able to convince her insurer to pay for her treatments. But unfortunately the damage to her claim was already done. Taking a year of treatment off negatively impacted the value of her claim. More importantly, she unnecessarily suffered from an additional year of pain and discomfort. This entire debacle could have been avoided had she sought legal advice and counsel from the outset (or had she been insured with a more ethical insurer).

This is why it pays to seek out an experienced personal injury attorney early on.

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