Controlling Emotions in Divorce Cases

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Controlling Emotions in Divorce Cases
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 6/15/2020

When emotions run high, we as humans tend to act rashly. We make decisions off the cuff based upon the emotions we are feeling at that moment, and often we do not take all options into consideration. Sometimes we make decisions based upon a fear of missing out or a fear of the unknown. Many times, these swiftly made decisions are made without all the pertinent information. Practicing patience during a divorce may be difficult but taking time to think through and strategize will lead to better results.

BLOGPOST_DivorceCases06152020.JPGAnger and frustration can lead to particularly problematic situations in a family law matter. If you are angry at your spouse, you are more likely to act in the moment without thinking of the possible consequences for your actions. Decisions made during times of resentment lead to more serious disputes with your spouse often leading to expensive discovery, motions, or failed negotiations. At the same time, especially in cases with children, this anger translates into poor parenting. Children – particularly teenagers – will pick up on your bitterness and withdraw leaving an opportunity for your spouse to build a better relationship at your expense.

Anxiety and fear tend to have an opposite effect. If you are afraid of making choices, then good opportunities might pass you by. Perhaps your spouse makes a reasonable offer regarding parenting and child support, but your fear of making the wrong choice delays until the other party files a motion instead leading to a worse result. Sometimes fear during a divorce leads to unintentional stalling of the divorce process. Not returning your attorney’s phone calls and emails frequently leads to higher fees and costs. Similarly, each case has a set schedule of deadlines. The longer you delay due to your apprehension, the more work will need to be performed, which increases fees.

Elation that you are finally going through with the divorce may lead to overconfidence, and arrogance can also lead to brash or unwise decisions. Perhaps instead of taking the safe path and reaching an agreement with your spouse, you opt to press your luck in court. Judges are fickle and courts are anything but a guarantee. Even when you feel your case is clear the risk of losing in court is also substantial.

Ultimately, humans have emotion, and we each deal with family law matters in our own way. The experienced litigators at the law offices of Magnuson Lowell, P.S. will provide you the necessary information so you can make informed decisions. Informed decision making is critical to help keep you objective while making decisions on how best to proceed. Our attorneys offer a free, telephone case evaluation to make sure you get started on the best foot possible.

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