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Representing Mothers And Fathers In Paternity Matters

Do You Have a Paternity Claim?

A child benefits when both parents are actively engaged in his or her life. When parents are unmarried, it may be necessary to take extra steps to ensure that both parents have legal protections that allow them to play an active role in their child's life.

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At Magnuson Lowell, P.S., in Redmond, Washington, we represent both mothers and fathers in paternity-related legal matters. If you are a father looking to establish child custody rights, if you are a mother seeking financial support from the father of your child, or if you have other legal needs, we invite you to contact us to learn how we can help. We offer a free phone consultation.

Determining Paternity Through A DNA Test

A DNA test may be needed to establish paternity when the identity of the child's father is unknown. Once the identity of the child's father is officially known, the father assumes parental rights and responsibilities. At this point, he can be held responsible for making child support payments, and can seek visitation and child custody rights.

Our firm can assist in organizing a paternity test and guide you through any legal process that follows, from establishing a child custody/parenting plan to determining the amount of child support necessary. We will do whatever we can to ensure that your child's needs are met throughout the legal process.

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