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Have you been injured in a rear-end or t-bone accident?

Two of the most common types of car accidents include the rear-end collision and what is commonly known as a t-bone. Regardless of how minor these may seem in comparison with fatal crashes, the injuries sustained may have serious and lasting effects. If you are hit from behind or from the side, contact us.

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In many rear-end collisions, often passengers emerge from hit vehicles with bruises, scrapes and a headache. Basing their judgment on what they immediately see and feel, victims may dismiss their injuries as minor and not needing medical attention. The problem is that not all injuries manifest immediately after a car, truck or motorcycle accident. If a person makes a statement to an auto insurance adjuster too soon and then persistent injuries flare, his or her right to compensation may be waived.

Before downplaying your injuries, making a recorded statement or signing insurance papers, talk to us. Working with medical professionals, we help you fight for the maximum financial recovery for rear-end collision or t-bone accident injuries such as:

As attorneys with decades of experience working for the insurance industry, we know how the insurance system works. We know the strategies in play and the steps it will take to protect its financial interests. That knowledge gives our Redmond T-bone accident lawyers the opportunity to level the playing field and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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