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Effective Representation For Motorcycle Accident Victims

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident?

Drivers who don't signal or look before changing lanes, check both ways at intersections or pay attention to the road ahead can injure or kill motorcyclists.  Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than drivers of other vehicles on the road. Often, other motorists fail to see motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, if this situation occurs, serious personal injury or wrongful death can be the result.

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Knowledgeable legal representation can help motorcycle victims and their families to attain justice. The experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Magnuson Lowell P.S. in Redmond can resolve your motorcycle crash issue.

Take prompt action and contact us immediately after you have received proper medical care for your motorcycle injury. Our motorbike accident attorneys can navigate you through the legal process required to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death claim. We understand the pain and suffering personal injury victims endure and take care of the legal details so victims and their families can focus on healing.

Some motorcycle crashes can result from equipment failures like blown tires or brake failure, as well as environmental factors such as weather and poorly maintained roads. We are familiar with the dangers riders face on area highways, including I-5, I-405, State Route 520, State Route 522, State Route 167, Highway 12, and Highway 18. Motorcycle accident can also result from car and semi-truck driver negligence involving:

Our primary goal is to make sure you find the financial resources you need and deserve in order to successfully move forward in life after a motorcycle accident. To that end, we work with medical specialists in spinal cord injury, brain injury and other catastrophic injuries to clearly demonstrate the impact to your quality of life.  

Making Sure Your Voice Is Heard

All too often, insurance companies place the blame on motorcycle riders. We know that stereotypes portraying motorcyclists as irresponsible are not true. Accidents frequently occur with motorcyclists because other drivers do not properly signal or look before changing lanes or go through intersections without looking for oncoming traffic.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers will ensure that your voice is heard and insurance company adjusters and insurance company attorneys take note. We will seek the money damages you deserve for all costs, including medical bills, lost wages, recovery time, and the emotional strain severe personal injury or wrongful death places on a family.

We build your case to counter claims from insurance defense attorneys. Our case strategy considers the tactics insurance companies often use to reduce levels of compensation or reject claims out of bad faith. From the start, we put our vast network of resources to work for you. To document the cause of your motorcycle crash, we visit the scene, analyze skid marks, review police reports, interview witnesses and examine all information related to your case. We hold all parties at fault accountable for their actions as we pursue the maximum compensation available for you.

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If you have suffered serious injury or the loss of a loved one in a fatal motorcycle accident, Magnuson Lowell P.S. is here to help. Insurance companies often blame motorcycle riders for accidents. With decades of experience as insurance defense lawyers, we know their tactics and how to counter their claims. We put our knowledge and extensive resources to work analyzing skid marks, running accident simulations, reviewing police reports and interviewing eyewitnesses to carefully document your motorcycle accident.