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Have you been injured in a truck accident?

Trucking companies and their drivers often take risks to cut operating costs and stay competitive. Unfortunately, innocent drivers often pay the price in 18-wheeler accidents and other car versus truck wrecks resulting in severe injuries or death.

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Causes Of Truck Accidents

When a commercial vehicle slams into your car, the injuries you and your passengers sustain will likely be serious and possibly fatal. Trucking companies are fully aware of the damage their drivers and rigs can cause, and they take measures to reduce or eliminate company liability after an accident takes place.

After a truck accident, it is likely that your primary concerns include obtaining medical treatment for yourself and your family. However, the trucking company at fault cares more about its bottom line than about your health and well-being. That is why the company will immediately take action following an accident. The self-protective steps taken by the company and the driver can significantly impact the amount of financial damages you will be awarded.

When you call our firm, our legal team can begin to thoroughly investigate the situation and identify the factors involved in causing the truck accident:

  • Unsecured loads
  • Tire blowouts
  • Defective brakes
  • Drunk driving
  • Driver fatigue
  • Driver distraction

Thoroughly Reviewing The Facts And Building Your Case

Unlike other motor vehicle accidents, truck wrecks are complex cases that could involve violation of federal laws meant to prevent improperly maintained vehicles, poorly trained drivers and negligent driving habits to meet delivery deadlines. We regularly consult with accident investigation experts and engineers to determine what caused the crash. We review police reports, drug test results, driver logbooks and the vehicle's maintenance history looking for federal or state law violations.

We also work closely with medical specialists and life care planners to determine the full extent of damage to clients suffering from:

Whether it's a commercial trucking accident on I-5 or I-405, or a fatal trucking accident on Highways 2,9, 12, Highway 18 and other state routes, our skilled personal injury lawyers will sort through the details and handle all aspects of your case. Through our vigorous efforts, we can help ensure you get the monetary compensation you deserve so you can focus on your recovery or grief.

Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

Accidents happen with some frequency on the busy highways, roads and city streets of Washington. At times, accidents involve commercial vehicles and lead to serious personal injury or wrongful death. If you are a victim of serious personal injury or have lost a loved one during an accident with a commercial vehicle, experienced representation can protect your best interests. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Magnuson Lowell P.S. know how to defend claims against the combined forces of commercial vehicle owners, insurance companies and insurance attorneys.

If a commercial vehicle caused your accident, parties other than the driver could be held responsible. When a commercial vehicle is involved in an accident, the driver's employer can be accountable in some cases. We will assess liability for the accident and make those at fault answerable for their actions.

Our lawyers know how to deal with insurance companies for commercial vehicle accident claims. We work with medical experts and other consultants to determine the full extent of your injuries and identify all costs, including pain and suffering. Whether you were involved with a bus, train, delivery truck or taxi accident, we will take care of every aspect of your case so you can put your energy into recovery from your injuries or grief.

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If you have suffered serious injury or the loss of a loved one in a truck wreck, Magnuson Lowell P.S. is here to help. At our firm, your first consultation is free. To schedule yours, please call us at 425-885-7500 or contact us via email.Contact truck accident lawyers who can prepare and present the strongest case possible to ensure you find justice and compensation.