(Redmond/Personal Injury) Truth of Cell Phones and Driving

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(Redmond/Personal Injury) Truth of Cell Phones and Driving
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 8/17/2016

Just a few years back, anyone could be driving down the road with a Starbucks in one hand and a cell phone in the other. A driver's knees were the only thing keeping the steering wheel straight, and there is little the police could do about it. Now, "Click it or ticket" is a real thing as Washington has cracked down on cell phone use while driving. It turns out the government may be right about this issue and talking or texting has an increased chance of leading to an accident and Personal Injury claims.

Recent studies conducted at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle have verified the government's fear regarding cell phone use. The research established that 8.1% of drivers studied used an electronic device while driving and nearly half of those drivers were texting. Washington has now made cell phone use while driving a primary offense. In essence, this means that the cops can pull you over just because they see you on your cell phone. They no longer have to wait for another violation before pulling you over.

Studies show that texting and driving impair one's ability to drive nearly as much as driving under the influence of alcohol. In fact, sending text messages while driving increases the risk of crashing nearly 23 times. While certainly we - as drivers - believe we can safely text or talk while driving, the data and common sense tend to say otherwise. One thing is for sure, better safe than sorry; that text message can wait. If you're hit by a distracted driver, contact Magnuson Lowell for more information about your Personal Injury claim.

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