Tragedy mars sailing camp, teen in critical condition

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Tragedy mars sailing camp, teen in critical condition
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 9/15/2017

When parents let children go to summer camps, there is a reasonable expectation that the child will be safe. The last thing that you expect is to let your child go to camp only to get a call that there was a serious incident and now your child is in critical condition or dead.

Sadly, one 17-year-old boy's parents recently had to deal with that type of information. Their son was taking part in the Sail Sand Point sailing camp at the time of the accident. The boys and other teens were doing the water test, which is a standard part of the camp, when he slipped underwater.

Shockingly, the teen was said to be underwater for six minutes before he was pulled out. He was pulled to the dock and was out of the water before firefighters arrived on the scene.

When the firefighters arrived, the boy didn't have a pulse. Medics worked on the boy and were able to get a faint pulse before the ambulance left the camp. As of the most recent update on the incident, the boy was said to have been in critical condition.

The parents of this boy might wonder why it took so long to get him out of the water. The camp notes that all instructors are certified in first aid, CPR and AED usage, as well as being US Sailing Level I certified. But, was the response enough? The camp was closed after the accident to determine if there was anything that should have been done differently.

Any parent who has to deal with a situation where their child was injured at camp might decide to explore the possibility of a civil lawsuit. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help you to try to recover some of the costs of the injury.

Source: KIRO, "Teen at sailing camp pulled from Lake Washington in critical condition," Colleen West, Aug. 30, 2017

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