Four Qualities of a Great Attorney

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Four Qualities of a Great Attorney
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 8/22/2022


Attorneys have a certain reputation for being, well, attorneys. You may want that gun blazing, attack dog, but will your relationship with that type of individual survive your case? When searching for your perfect attorney, you should be focused on qualities that you would look for in any typical business you employ. Since you will be spending months or years working with this person, having that great relationship should be at the forefront. So, what type of qualities should you be looking for in your legal counsel? Here are four attributes to search for in your lawyer.

1. Focused and Knowledgeable

You don’t want to hire a bankruptcy attorney to help you with your car accident. You don’t want a corporate tax lawyer finalizing your divorce. An attorney should always have one or two main focus-areas in their career. They should know these issues inside and out. In your first call with your attorney candidate, they should be able to explain the situation with ease. Answers should flow out quickly without hesitation or confusion. If your attorney can’t explain your situation to you quickly and easily, how will they elaborate in more detail in court?

2. Compassionate and Willing to Listen

Going on the attack is a viable strategy in many cases, and even the most docile dogs will bark and bite when the time is right. If your attorney is rude, standoffish, or unwilling to take the time with you, they’re showing their true colors immediately. You will need to have conversations, meetings, and other substantial contact with this attorney, you should immediately feel cared for like they are there to help guide you through your difficult situation.

3. Flexible and Available

Good attorneys have tight schedules, but great attorneys always have time to meet with their clients and communicate quickly. The worst feeling as a customer is a feeling like your representative has no interest in you and your needs. Attorneys should prioritize their own cases and should never take on more than they can handle. At the law offices of Magnuson Lowell, P.S., our attorneys focus on returning missed calls and emails within hours where possible. Understanding our clients’ needs is always our top priority.

4. Approachable and Welcoming

Sometimes you just know what “it” is right away during your initial conversations with your attorney candidate. The je ne sais quoi is often a feeling of approachability and being welcomed. During your initial consultations, you should fee comfortable being around and speaking with your attorney. This individual will be there for you through thick and thin to provide you advice when needed or a shoulder to cry on in times of need.

At the law offices of Magnuson Lowell, P.S., we are dedicated to being our best selves for the sake of our clients. Knowing when to be that brazen attack-oriented counselor is important but understanding when your client needs a guide is essential. You’ll feel that “it” factor from the outset. Feel free to call for a free case evaluation to fee “it” for yourself.

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