Divorcing a narcissist brings up many challenges

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Divorcing a narcissist brings up many challenges
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 10/24/2018

A divorce is difficult enough in the simplest cases; however, when one person in the marriage is a narcissist, things can be even more challenging. When you are splitting up from a person who only thinks of themselves, you will often feel like you are fighting a losing battle. They try to flip everything so that it is about them, and so they can do things that will benefit them. They simply can't stand having the focus on someone else.

Since these individuals don't have any compassion or ability to think about compromise, you might find that resolving the divorce through mediation or collaborative methods is impossible. This means that you will likely end up having to go through a trial to resolve the terms of the divorce.

On top of the stress of dealing with the narcissist, you now have to also think about making your case in court. This brings up challenges of its own that only around 5 percent of divorce cases have to deal with. This will cost you time and money, but you must ensure that you are taking steps to adequately prepare.

Another challenge that comes with these cases is that the narcissist will try to play mind games with you. Don't fall for their methods. Remember that you are doing what is best for you. It isn't your job to protect that person or to make their life any easier. You shouldn't ever feel as though you have to give in to what they want. Instead, work with your attorney to stand firm on the matters that are truly important to you.

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