Make plans to handle your alone time this holiday season

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Make plans to handle your alone time this holiday season
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 12/7/2017

The holiday season is one that is difficult for many people. For parents who aren't going to have their children home for the entire holiday stretch due to a child custody agreement, there are some special challenges that can creep up. It is imperative that adults in this situation figure out ways that they can handle the unique situations that might come up during this part of the winter.

One thing to remember is that holidays are just days. Yes, Christmas is a big deal for most people. If your child isn't with you on that day, you can still make holiday memories with him or her. Instead of focusing on the 25th, focus on making memories of the season as a whole.

You should also remember that having time alone isn't necessarily a bad thing. Find something to focus on that you enjoy so that you can do that when your child isn't home. You might even be able to complete a special project for you child to surprise him or her. Maybe painting the child's room or doing something similar.

Another thing you can do is to host a party. If you truly don't want to be alone, invite some friends over for holiday fun. Eat some tasty treats and watch movies or a big game. The key is to find something that you can enjoy with people you like.

You might even decide to support a cause by volunteering somewhere. Not only can this give you a place to focus your energy, it can also serve as an opportunity to help other people in your community.

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