Why You Need a Will Now!

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Why You Need a Will Now!
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 10/16/2018

According to a Harris Interactive survey, 58% of adults lack one of the most necessary documents every person should have, a will. (And frankly, from our experience, that percentage is likely even higher.) A last will and testament is a set of papers which lay out how your estate will be distributed- and perhaps who will care for your kids - upon your death. This means, that upon death 58% of the American population may not have their amassed fortune (no matter how big or small) delegated how they would want. While in some cases it may work out in accordance with the deceased's wishes, sometimes the lack of this basic document may lead to years of litigation and thousands of dollars wasted.

It is possible to purchase do-it-yourself will kits for $100 to $200. But remember the warning of the old adage: 'You get what you pay for." Unfortunately, every few weeks we get a phone call from some ill-fated individual who attempted to write their own will and either didn't understand it so the purchase was a waste or messed it up so bad that now it needs to be totally rewritten. One can't be sure that the 'dime store' form meets legal requirements or will do what you want it to do. And Washington law requires certain procedural conditions be followed for a will to be enforceable. At Magnuson Lowell, P.S., we can sit down with you and find out what is important in your life. We will draft up all the necessary estate planning documents that will meet your needs; and we will make every effort to save you time and money today - and in the future.

In the end, family matters most. No one wants their loved ones to lose out because they didn't have the necessary relatively simple paperwork at their death.

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