(Redmond/Contracts) The Plight of the Tenant

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(Redmond/Contracts) The Plight of the Tenant
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 11/3/2015

The majority of recent college grads (and many working adults) have yet to venture into the convulted realm of home procurement. Instead, many have decided to delve into the equally confusing area of tenancy and lease Contracts. Landlord-Tenant laws are lengthy and complicated. Even worse, many renters have no specific knowledge of their (or their landlord's) responsibilities and duties. Since many of my friends and family are in this same situation, I've decided to compile some of the most important topics into an exciting two part blog post! In this first episode, I will briefly examine a few of the most important responsibilities for you, the tenant:

Every tenant has the duty to:

(1) Repair (and not intentionally or permissively allow damage) to occur to their leased property. Other than ordinary wear and tear, a tenant may be liable for the costs to restore the property if you are guilty of waste.

(2) Not use the premises for illegal purposes or engaging in activities hazardous to the safety of others. A tenant who violates this duty may have their tenancy terminated.

(3) Pay rent. Seems simple enough, yet many people have a problem understanding that they need to pay rent in order to stay in their home. That being said, non-payment may lead to termination of your tenancy Contracts and/or forfeiture of your security deposit.

(4) conform to reasonable obligations or restrictions made a part of the rental agreement. For example, if the rental agreement states that a tenant's lease ends at the end of the month - vacating the premises at the end of the month.

Our next blog post will return to examine a few of the major obligations owed by the landlord. Whether you have questions about your tenancy or perhaps your landlord is refusing to return your security deposit, at Magnuson Lowell, we can help you with your apartment disputes.

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