(Redmond/Contracts) Plight of the Tenant - Part Deux

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(Redmond/Contracts) Plight of the Tenant - Part Deux
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 11/17/2015

...And we're back! Our last blog briefly examined a few responsibilities that tenants have when it comes to their own residential lease. From the slums to the sky rises, all apartments have one thing in common - the landlord. This week, we continue to look further into the relationship between these opposing parties. Whether you're happy with your landlord or not, they are something that all renters must put up with on (at least) a monthly basis. But, once again, many renters do not fully understand the rights or duties bestowed to them in their lease Contracts.

Every landlord has the duty to:

(1) Allow the tenant possession of their leased property. In less vague terms, once you sign the lease, the landlord must allow you onto your property.

(2) Prevent interference with the tenant's quiet enjoyment of the property. This doesn't mean letting the tenant live in a quiet neighborhood. Rather, it means the landlord can't evict the tenant without following proper procedures.

(3) Keep the premises fit for human habitation. This is just as it sounds. The landlord must ensure the apartment is maintained and cared for to provide a safe and clean environment.

(4) Repair items that are broken. A landlord has 24 hours, 72 hours, or 10 days (depending on the severity of the defect) to attempt a cure at problems once they are given written notice.

(5) Provide a full refund (or an itemized list of deductions) for any security deposit. This must be done within 14 days of the lease's termination.

Any failure of the landlord to abide by any of the Contracts or statutory requirements may lead to termination of the tenancy, repayment of monies spent, or even abatement of rent. Call Magnuson Lowell to talk to an attorney about your lease questions today!

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