What is at stake when you decide to wait after an injury?

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What is at stake when you decide to wait after an injury?
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 7/31/2017

After you suffer an injury, it may seem like your life becomes a big waiting game. Whether the injury occurred at work or in an auto accident, you will be likely waiting to hear back from your insurer as well as your medical provider. While everybody else expects you to wait, that is exactly what you should not do — time is of the essence when it comes to securing legal representation in the wake of an injury.

There is a lot at stake, in fact, in the immediate aftermath of your injury. When you spend a week or two considering all of your options, those options are liable to dwindle considerably. These are the top reasons why.

Insurance companies can manipulate the information
Filing a claim after an accident will lead to a myriad of expenses. According to Forbes, your premium may rise by as much as 41 percent. Insurance companies often inflate these costs, but it is true that covering your claim will be costly for your insurer. In order to minimize this, however, they might offer recommendations or references to medical providers that are not in your best interest.

You are not necessarily free from liability
Whether or not the police report declares you to be at fault, you could have liability for the damages of the accident. It surprises too many people to find that although another driver was to blame for the collision, it is them who ends up on the receiving end of a lawsuit. Rather than assume you have no liability, secure legal representation.

You are losing money and quality of life
With every passing day after your accident, you are losing money and your quality of life is declining. You likely face the loss of wages from missed work, and you might be wondering how to deal with the accumulating medical bills, too. Why wait for things to get better when you can invest in an advocate who will make sure they do?

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