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(Redmond/General Law) Gotta Love Our Courts!
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 5/26/2015

I'm sure that everyone has their own distinct viewpoint on the American court system. Some believe justice is well served through litigation, while others are of the opinion that American jurisprudence is a farce. Every once in a while a crazy (read: frivolous) lawsuit is brought, which is both unfounded and fun to read. That being said, let the fun begin. Case in point, have a look at Thomas v Bush, et al.

Filed in California's Southern District Court, there are many reasons why the handwritten complaint in this lawsuit is hilarious. Notably, the three pages of Defendants headlined by bigwigs such as: George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Microsoft, Queez Elizabeth, Hawaiian Punch, the State of Lousiana, and the Pope.

Apparently, Mr. Thomas alleges that these defendants have secretly killed and plotted to kill Americans who have attempted to "expose their plot of building guillotines and gas chambers to drag people out of their home unsuspectingly and kill them." Despite the sad state of Mr. Thomas' mental affairs, one cannot escape his overriding creativity in bringing this lawsuit.

In order to survive continued litigation, a lawsuit must be based (at least in part) in fact. Despite the numerous rules against frivolous cases, judges are always afraid of dismissing cases carte blanche because of the plaintiff's ability to appeal. That being said, this case was fairly open and shut. With all of this in mind, I thank our court system for its leniency and allowing us at Magnuson Lowell to read this fun complaint.

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