How to Save Money During a Divorce

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How to Save Money During a Divorce
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 2/28/2022


Divorces are expensive. That is a fact of life. Between divvying of financial accounts, moving into a separate home, and paying court fees and costs, money might be drained faster than expected. Costs and expenses can be kept to a minimum, however, especially if both parties are willing to progress their case with that goal in mind. Finding an attorney dedicated to that goal will go a long way to reducing conflict and fees.

Here are four ways to save money during your divorce:

Choose Your Battles
Most of the time, divorces escalate in cost because parties are constantly fighting. The more times the parties end up in the courthouse, the more expensive the divorce becomes. Each court hearing typically requires initial conversations with the client, preparation of court documents to be filed, organization of exhibits, review of documentation from the other party, and appearance at the hearing itself. These fights can turn a simple issue into a battle costing thousands of dollars each. Sometimes, giving in on certain issues that are less important to you can lead to major cost savings and goodwill with the other party to allow you to win on other more important issues.

Negotiate Directly with Your Spouse
This might not be possible in every case especially where there might be allegations of domestic violence, but one sure fire way to keep costs down is to limit your attorney’s need for involvement. If the parties can work cooperatively, starting negotiations informally between each other might save you a pretty penny. While you might not be able to reach a full agreement, understanding where your partner is coming from will cut out unnecessary fights and focus on the most relevant issues.

Don’t Ignore Your Attorney
This one might seem antithetical, but to save money you need to speak with your counsel. Most delays in litigation are caused when an attorney is unable to reach their client to speak about important issues. These delays often lead to additional work from the attorney both formally with the court and informally in the negotiations. If your counsel sends you an email requesting a response, contacting them right away might incur minimal fees now, but it will likely save hundreds or even thousands in the future.

Choose the Right Counsel
Not every attorney is dedicated to saving their clients’ money. Often, attorneys at big firms or with large staffs will work on rote. They will habitually file motions and send out expensive packages of documents because that is how they handle every case. At the law offices of Magnuson Lowell PS, our experience team takes an individualized approach to your divorce. This character allows us to work hard for you while keeping costs to a minimum. Call today for a free consultation.

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