(Redmond/Crazy Lawsuit) In Tennessee, Judges are God!

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(Redmond/Crazy Lawsuit) In Tennessee, Judges are God!
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 8/13/2015

Abuse of power is common complaint proffered by both attorneys and their clients alike when it comes to our judicial system. Somtimes these grievances are frivilous beacuse despite the unhappy result, the judge was correctly relying on the law. But, other times this type of Crazy Lawsuit results is some seemingly obvious problems with the judiciary. More recently, the latter has been proven true with regard to one Family Law matter.

This Crazy Lawsuit began when a "child support magistrate" in Tennessee ordered that the birth certificate of an infant be altered.
The child's parents raised the case to the magistrate attention because of their inability to decide which last name the child should receive. Rightfully, the judge came to a decision regarding the surname. However, in the midst of the prior decision, the magistrate took it upon herself to opine that the child's first name was inappropriate given her own (and the county's) strong religious beliefs. Young Messiah DeShawn McCullough was renamed Martin because the judge believed the child would have unfair expectations brought upon him with such a religious first name.

While personally, I don't believe Messiah is the best first name to give to a young child, personal freedom is one of the strongest core values held by the United States' Constitution. It seems to me that the parents, not the judge, should be the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to their own child. Besides, apparently the magistrate didn't realize that Messiah is an up and comer in the baby naming department as recognized by the Social Security Department. Fortunately, mother knows best and has already instituted an appeal on this matter. At Magnuson Lowell, we can help you with your Family Law matters.

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